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Our Rewards Program!

On March 1st, 2022, we launched our rewards program, Springbig! Springbig is a point-based system where shoppers will earn 1 point per dollar spent at either Riverside Provisioning location. Users can opt in to text message and email marketing to receive messages regarding upcoming events, deals, new products, and much more!

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For every purchase, shoppers will earn points with each dollar spent and can use points to redeem rewards. Rewards include in-store products like Pre-Rolls, Shirts, Hats, and Pipes. Points can also be redeemed for a Canoe Trip at the Shel-haven Canoe Livery, as well as a tour of our outdoor grow facility, Eagle Cannabis, located in Frederic, Mi. With rewards ranging from 50 points to 50,000 points, shoppers can redeem points now or save them for something big!

Customers who opt into text messages and emails from Springbig will receive updates on what’s happening at Riverside. They can also receive updates on daily deals, new products, and in-store events. Message updates will sometimes include: bonus points, instant points, and coupons giving customers more opportunities to earn points without spending. Users can even personalize their accounts by adding product interests to always stay up to date on their favorite products.

Points never expire! Earn 100 points on your birthday and 50 points just for signing up today!
Use the link below or the QR code to get signed up today!