Eagle Cannabis Brand – Brought To You By Riverside Provisioning

At Eagle Cannabis, we pride ourselves on cultivating premium cannabis products and strive to positively impact the industry by providing high-quality marijuana that is safe, convenient, and affordable. We aim to maintain responsible and ethical growing practices to ensure environmental equity. But overall, Eagle Cannabis has an unwavering commitment to enhancing and improving people’s lives, one plant at a time.

Eagle cannabis has a unique array of cultivars. With the ability to grow indoor and outdoor cannabis we offer a variety of strains and products, including cured flower, pre-rolls, and shake. You can find the bulk of our outdoor harvest processed as concentrates i.e., cartridges and cured and live resins.

Eagle Cannabis Strains

Agent Orange-sativa
Blue Dream-sativa
God’s Gift-hybrid
Insane in the Membrane-sativa
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies-hybrid
Fredrock Kush- Indica
Dairy Queen-hybrid
Bubba Kush-indica
Mandarin Sunset- Indica
Alien Shadow OG- Hybrid
Cannatonic CBD Strain

New Strains Coming Soon!

Gary Payton-indica
Apple fritter -hybrid
snowball -indica
east side mac- hybrid
pure Michigan- Hybrid

Eagle Cannabis brand